Course Overview

A Diploma in Public Health is a specialized program that provides individuals with a strong foundation in the principles and practices of public health. This comprehensive diploma program covers a wide range of topics, including epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, healthcare systems, health policy, and disease prevention. Students also learn about health promotion, social determinants of health, and strategies for addressing public health challenges at the population level. This program is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to assess and improve community health, prevent the spread of diseases, and advocate for policies that promote well-being.

Upon completing the Diploma in Public Health, graduates are well-prepared for careers in public health agencies, non-profit organizations, healthcare institutions, and research settings. They play a pivotal role in assessing and addressing health disparities, designing health interventions, and promoting healthy behaviors within communities. Public health professionals work to prevent diseases, improve healthcare access, and enhance the overall health of populations, making a significant impact on the well-being of communities and society as a whole.

Our Vision

To be the leading institution in preparation of health profession personnel for the betterment of humanity.

Our Mission

To provide professional practitioners with knowledge, skills and professional attitudes necessary to accurately serve while demostrating an extra ordinary compassion and commitment to the service of others.